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Installation & maintenance

Irrigation installations

Agricultural systems
We install and maintain all irrigation systems including drip, pivot, micro and overhead.
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Garden & Turf
All the experience gained in our large scale irrigation systems is carried over to this sector ensuring a top quality system and installation every time.



We are equipped to install and repair all steel, PVC, poly-pipe, poly-cop, high density polyurethane, copper and asbestos pipe networks.
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Pump & Motor Installations

We install and repair all pumps and motors:


  • Centrifugal: Bare-shaft and close-coupled
  • Surface mounted mono type pumps
  • Borehole pumps: Mono, Centrifugal and force-heads
  • Drainage pumps: Clean water and solids handling


  DSC07389 IMG_4360


  • Submersible: resin, water and oil filled
  • Surface mounted: single phase and three phase up to 150kw


Electrical Installations

We design, build, test, repair and install all pump and motor electrical boards.

We specialise in variable speed drives and motor control systems


General Engineering

We offer a comprehensive general engineering service to all our clients. Building and Repair and maintenance of all irrigation equipment,  and the building of all steel structures, manifolds etc.
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